2021 Policy & Constitutional Suggestions

E) FISCAL - NEW - Universal Basic Income

NEW policy idea: Revisiting Canada's Social Safety net in order to implement a Universal Basic Income Canada's Social Safety Net has been cobbled together over the past 75 years. It is now the time to revist the various federal & provincial income releif programs in order to provide Canadians a fiscally sound and sustainable Universal Basic Income. Rationale: a) The administration of so many varied programs needs to be streamlined in order to maximize efficiencies. b) Having 1 program vs many will help weed out anyone trying to "game" the system. c) The data obtained by having a single admin point will assist in ensuring that Canada is planning appropriately for the future. d) The results from Ontario's 1 year pilot project for UBI were promising as many of the recipients started their own businesses and entrepreneurship is a key focus of the Conservative Party. e) If we leave it to the Tradeau Liberals to do this, the fiscal leakage will make it unsustainable. A UBI will assist Canadians by giving many a hand up to help them realize their potential.