Candidate - Hanan Rizkalla

Hanan Rizkalla

Meet Hanan…

Hanan Rizkalla is our Conservative candidate in Oakville North-Burlington…and she has a vital plan to bring recovery, prosperity, and contentment back to us. See for yourself....

About Hanan…

Hanan began her career as a physician, focusing her attention on public health, research, and innovative cancer therapies accessible to all.

Over 20 years, she has gained a reputation as a medical and business executive.  As we deal with the after effects of COVID, Hanan is eminently qualified and knowledgeable to help those whose lives and businesses have been impacted by the pandemic.

She is deeply engaged in the community, contributing her time volunteering with several charitable organizations and political campaigns to promote a fair, prosperous, and accepting Canadian society. 

“My vision is centered around improving Canadians’ access to better healthcare, supporting our community, securing jobs, ensuring we have an accountable and responsible government with integrity and transparency and aiding small businesses to recover, grow and compete as we rebuild our economy after the pandemic, says Hanan.

Hanan Rizkalla lives here in ONB along with her husband Ernest and three children. An avid trail walker, you can often find Hanan getting out on one of the many trails in Halton. She has proudly earned the nomination for the Conservative Party of Canada in the forthcoming election..

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