Liberal Waste

Liberal Waste and Mismanagement

Per Capita funding to Ontario down under Liberals

Per Capita funding ito Ontario s down under the Liberals - but is up in every other province.  Ask your Liberal MP why! 

Federal Liberal Rink Rats

Here is another classic example of Liberal Waste .  They approved and spent $8.2 million for a temporary rink on Parliament Hill. Municipalities build permanent outdoor rink structures for $2-3 million. The Parliament Rink rink cost $100,000 a day or $53 per user! The $8.2 million is twice what the Federal Liberals are spending on #Halton infrastructure.

Have you received an 18% raise?

The Liberals have given the CBC an 18% increase and created a $585 million media slush fund. Have you received an 18% raise?  It's time to change the channel in Ottawa.

Does this sound like fairness for taxpayers?

Liberals Out of Touch with YOUR Money

More examples of Liberal disrespect for your money - big money to run a Twitter account, $500,000 for a logo and paying actors to portray middle class Canadians.

Does this sound like fairness for taxpayers?


Phone Follies

In March 2018, the Liberal government purchased 34,000 smartphones at a cost of $23 million, all because when the new fiscal year started on April 1, they would lose the ability to spend that money.  That's one phone for every four people in Oakville North-Burlington.

Does this sound like fairness for taxpayers?